The Companies Act, 2016 (“CA”) sets out an extensive array of duties, responsibilities and guidelines for the administration of a limited company’s affairs. In many instances, severe penalties are imposed when the requirements of the Act are not complied with, these may include the imposition of hefty fines, and in extreme cases even imprisonment.

We are qualified company secretary under the CA:-

-Section 235 (2) (a); a member of a body as set out in the Fourth Schedule; and

-Section 235 (2) (b); who hold practicing licence certificate

We help your Company to operate within the regulations of the Act and allow you to take full advantage of the benefits and protection of the Act provides.

Our professional services include:-

- Incorporation and set up company; (Sdn Bhd and LLP)

- Business setup and advisory

- Secretarial compliance works

- Registered office facility