ABSS Premier provides advanced inventory, and business management capabilities to medium-sized companies. Process foreign currency transactions, tax submissions and analyse your business accurately. You can manage even the most complex business with ease using the multi-user ABSS Premier.

ABSS Premier with two types of user licence:- 3 users licence and 1 user licence; both with every 2 users licence add on.

Ideal for owner-operators, ABSS Accounting helps you process sales and purchases, track receivables, payables and GST, email your quotes and invoices and more – all with the click of a few buttons. ABSS Accounting avoids accounting jargon and is easy to use. Its award winning design guides you through the automation of your accounts, making it easy to track all your accounting data.

ABSS Accounting only with single user licence.

Download for 7 days free-trial https://int.abssasia.com/free-trial